RIBO’s proven quality

Already since 1991 RIBO is conceiving and producing mobile sales-, service-, gastronomy- und promotion systems. Both convenient production concepts and individual, custom-made items are meeting the highest demands on practicability and ergonomy, on design and approvability. RIBO products are „made in Germany“. The results are long-lasting and exceptional systems for an effective and successful market presence.

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Doblo Sales Truck

Stalls | #329

RIBO’s Doblo sales truck is a sales truck with a Fiat Doplo base. As a diesel or electric Vehicle with a very high payload, it enables successful mobile sales of your products.

from 29.998,00 € *

Promotion Trailer 327

Sale-Trailer | #327

RIBO’s promotional trailer is easy to manoeuver with a medium-class passenger car, due to its low weight and aluminium construction. The model is equipped with up to four flaps, which include gas springs and are therefore easy to open.

from 17.870,00 € *

Sales Kiosk ‘France’

Pavilions & Kiosks | #326

Our ‘France’ kiosk model is also versatile. It is ideal for creating sausages or baked goods. It is individually applicable, from the fryer to the oven.

from 44.211,00 € *

Pavillon Paris

Pavilions & Kiosks | #325

Der komplett aus Aluminium gefertigte Kiosk steht ihnen vielfältig zur Verfügung. Ob zum Bratwurstverkauf oder zum Herstellen köstlicher Gebäcke, dieser Kiosk erfüllt ihnen all ihre individuellen Wünsche. Auch durch die vielen Varianten der RAL-Farbtöne lässt sich der Kiosk je nach Anlass farblich gut anpassen.

from 39.890,00 € *


Pavilions & Kiosks | #324

from 39.650,00 € *

Snack Stand Centre with Extendable Counter

Pavilions & Kiosks | #323

Hearty sausages with chips or fried steaks. Complete snack stand equipment is installed in a compact space of 3.50 by 2.55 metres. For more equipment and design variations, we also offer our Nr. 266 or Nr. 273 models.

from 29.800,00 € *

Info Kiosk

Pavilions & Kiosks | #322

from 13.900,00 € *

McSnack Stand

Stalls | #321

from 6.400,00 € *

Mobile Doner Kebab Stand

Stalls | #320

from 7.950,00 € *

Maxi Bar

Stalls | #319

from 12.700,00 € *

All-In-One Sweets Stand

Stalls | #318

from 6.800,00 € *

Patio Kiosk

Stalls | #315

from 38.300,00 € *

Sales Stand ‘Bavaria’

Stalls | #314

from 3.200,00 € *

Mobile Snack and Beverage Bar

Stalls | #312

from 16.998,00 € *

Promenade Kiosk

Stalls | #311

from 43.700,00 € *

Aqua-Themed Sales Trailer

Sale-Trailer | #310

from 37.841,00 € *

Pavilion ‘Fish Hut

Stalls | #308

from 35.800,00 € *


Pavilions & Kiosks | #306

from 65.998,00 € *

RIBO Electro Sales Bike

Selling-Vehicles | #299

RIBO's Electro Sales Bike has an electric motor that supports you when riding from one site to another. With this sales vehicle you have access to paths that are not passable for regular sales vehicles and don't work up a sweat when driving up hills.

from 4.558,00 € *

Soft Drinks Station

Stalls | #298

RIBO's Soft Drinks Station can be used as a single module or be placed in a group. The mobile shelves with four boards on each side can hold several crates. Two flexible steering rollers and two robust trestle rollers allow an easy positioning even if the station is fully loaded.

from 987,00 € *

Mall Diner

Pavilions & Kiosks | #296

Mall Diner comes with fire protection classification A1. It has been especially conceived for the use in shopping malls. There is a kitchen with a large window in its back part that allows you to do show cooking. In the front part there is space for display counters and other electric appliances.

from 25.876,00 € *