RIBO’s proven quality

Already since 1991 RIBO is conceiving and producing mobile sales-, service-, gastronomy- und promotion systems. Both convenient production concepts and individual, custom-made items are meeting the highest demands on practicability and ergonomy, on design and approvability. RIBO products are „made in Germany“. The results are long-lasting and exceptional systems for an effective and successful market presence.

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Catering Box

Stalls | #238

RIBOs Catering Box can be individually adjusted to your corporate image and to the products that you sell. The mobile sales cart comes with a sneeze guard, an atmospheric overhead lighting, a cash drawer and the electric sub-distribution.

from 4.070,00 € *

Verkaufsstand Old Saloon

Stalls | #236

The special construction makes this sales cart a real eye catcher that can be further individualized by an expressive design by RIBO that is in accordance with your corporate identity. Its measurements of only 2.00 x 0.85 metres allow an easy transport from one site to another one.

from 3.980,00 € *

Trailer Promo Ausschank 5000

Sale-Trailer | #233

If this sales trailer is shut, one would hardly believe what possibilities are slumbering inside. When opening up, there is a fully equipped kitchen that invites you to cook and grill at a space of 5.00 x 3.50 metres.

from 70.140,00 € *

Allrounder Kitchen

Stalls | #232

The front module of the Allrounder Kitchen is composed of two parts that come in different sizes and hold showcases. The back module is a system of cupboards and shelves. Feel free to use the modules separately. The mobile sales cart includes equipment which supports the sale of fresh fruit as well as that of beverages and snacks. Already built in are: warm water appliances, a sneeze guard on each front module, a cooling showcase and a showcase to keep warm food.

from 6.989,00 € *

Verkaufsstand Crêpe Kitchen

Stalls | #231

Crêpe Kitchen von RIBO versteht sich inklusive Crêpes-Gerät, Teigwender und Wendemesser. Mobiles Warmwasser, die Beleuchtung, der Spuckschutz und die Kassenschublade sind ebenfalls Teile der Grundausstattung.

from 4.498,00 € *

Flying Hot Dog Verkaufsstand

Stalls | #230

Dank seiner Flügel-Optik schwirren Sie Ihrer Konkurrenz davon und können die Passanten für sich gewinnen. Die Flügelform des aufgeklappten Dachs wird durch die seitlich hochklappbaren, aus Edelstahl gefertigten Arbeitsflächen betont...

from 7.032,00 € *

Dinner Kiosk

Pavilions & Kiosks | #229

Place your Diner Kiosk on a fair, a road show or a music event. You can rely on it everywhere and all the year. The individual design that RIBO likes to take care of too offers you many creative possibilities to get your customers' attention even in a bustling hurly-burly.

from 18.900,00 € *

Allrounder Ensemble

Stalls | #227

The Allrounder Ensemble is your fully equipped ice cream parlour. The ensemble contains of four parts: a front module into which a showcase can be built in, a back module with sink and work surface and two side modules. Even though the whole concept is close to perfection, the modules can also be used and equipped separately.

from 3.090,00 € *

Twin Mobile

Pavilions & Kiosks | #225

Twin Mobile is a mobile kiosk for open-air sites. It can be put up within only five minutes by just one person. Steering rollers enable you to adapt the pavilions position spontaneously. As the name tells, Twin Mobile consists of two single modules that can be put up to an ensemble. When combined, they create a work space of 2.30 x1.55 metres. Windows at three sides can be closed with shutters and let in lots of light. The base version meets the requirements of a successful sale, while the premium version that comes with a canopy and lighting also offers more optical and useful highlights.

from 7.986,00 € *

Canteen to go

Stalls | #223

RIBO's Canteen to go is a mobile sales counter that comes with three modules and, for that reason, allows you maximum flexibility. Its length of 3.10 metres enables you to present an extensive offer and work comfortably indoor and outdoor. When you want to transport the sales counter, just fold it down to the size of 1.40 x 0.84 metres.

from 3.767,00 € *

Weather protection, transparent

Pavilions & Kiosks | #222

Our beautiful weather protection is suitable for locations that have a discreet demand appearance. The application is possibilities are manifold, from the use as stop over location for information systems up to sales pavillons or smoker points.

from 34.987,00 € *

Verkaufsstand Snack Wave

Stalls | #217

Das optische Highlight des Snack Wave ist sein wellenförmiges Dach. Als vollausgestatteter mobiler Verkaufsstand verfügt er nicht nur über Edelstahlarbeitsplatten, Spuckschutz, Beleuchtung, Elektro-Unterverteilung, ...

from 5.998,00 € *

beachhut Kiosk 3400

Pavilions & Kiosks | #216

Be most flexible in a small space with Beach Hut kiosk 3400 that can be brought from one site to the next thanks to its carriage. In spite of mesure- ments of only 3.00 x 2.00 metres, the kiosk enables you to prepare and sell your specialties or serve beverages.

from 17.588,00 € *

Glas Tower

Pavilions & Kiosks | #214

Glass Tower offers you ideal conditions for the attractive presentation and sale of your products. A special construction makes this octagonal, mobile kiosk an eye catcher and an invitation for all passersby to rest a little and to give themselves a treat.

from 52.343,00 € *

Bully Bike

Selling-Vehicles | #213

The most iconic way of RIBO to operate a space-saving diner. With this sales vehicle you have access to paths that are not passable for regular sales vehicles and you quickly get to where your customers are. The equipment of this little space saver includes a gas grill, a passive cooling compartment, warm water hygiene and an acrylic showcase for rolls. The bike has a 3 gear change, a back pedal brake and a fixable front brake. The attention of passersby is increased because of the roof awning that also provides shade.

from 9.051,00 € *

Verkaufsstand Snacks & Coffee

Stalls | #207

The sales cart offers best conditions for the mobile sale of cake and snacks, fresh fruit or hearty sandwiches. It comes with stainless steel work surfaces, sneeze guard, cash drawer, electric sub-distribution, warm water hygiene and a cooling container. If you also want to offer coffee specialties, RIBO recommends you to purchase the matching coffee module.

from 6.298,00 € *

Smokers Pavillon

Pavilions & Kiosks | #205

Smokers Pavilion by RIBO is an octagonal smoker pavilion that can be set up on a space of 3.00 x 3.00 metres. High quality materials have been used for production: The base frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, the floor of water-proof panel. Safety glass (VSG) ensures a high safety and a visual appealing adjustment to every environment. Thanks to the glass panels,non-smokers won't be bothered by fume or smell, while the smokers have shelter against wind and weather.

from 9.342,00 € *

Promotion Stand Icecream

Stalls | #204

RIBO conceived the Promotion cart Ice Cream for you to take it to trade fairs, expositions, road shows and similar promotional events. Use it to leave the best impression of yourself at low costs and in a small space. The promotion cart is composed of four parts that can be put together within a few minutes by one person. The aluminium roof construction and the body are ideal for presenting your advertisements.

from 2.237,00 € *

Basic Trolley

Stalls | #199

RIBO's Basic Trolley is a mixture of sales cart and trolley because it only measures 1.00 x 0.80 metres but can still be used as a separate module. Sell you snacks successfully in a train station or at an air port, on a trade fair or in a shopping mall – be it pretzels or sandwiches. The compact size of the sales card even allows a transport in your van. Arrived at the sales site, it is rolled to the perfect position and ready to start the sale.

from 3.017,00 € *

Trailer Budget

Sale-Trailer | #198

Trailer Budget comes in the size of 1.70 x 1.20 metres and is one of RIBO's most compact sales trailers. You can get it at a very low price, so it goes easy on your budget but still allows you to start the mobile sale with all comfort.

from 7.220,00 € *

Hot Dog Cart

Stalls | #196

Hot Dog Cart is a universally usable sales cart that RIBO developed to give you support in your successful mobile sale. The equipment of the Hot Dog Cart is totally up to you and depending on the products you put up for sale. The cart offers best conditions for the preparation of hotdogs as well as for the sale of soft drinks. The choice is yours even when it comes to the material. Feel free to choose between aluminium and stainless steel.

from 6.804,00 € *