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Already since 1991 RIBO is conceiving and producing mobile sales-, service-, gastronomy- und promotion systems. Both convenient production concepts and individual, custom-made items are meeting the highest demands on practicability and ergonomy, on design and approvability. RIBO products are „made in Germany“. The results are long-lasting and exceptional systems for an effective and successful market presence.

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Money Box

Pavilions & Kiosks | #195

With Money Box you offer travellers in airports, train stations an inter- nationally oriented cities the possibility of an uncomplicated currency exchange. You can as well use the stand on trade fairs auf Messen.

from 9.448,00 € *

Trailer Promo Bar1 2200

Sale-Trailer | #194

Haul this trailer from one site to another without any complications! Like all sales trailers that RIBO produces, this trailer comes inclusive all necessary documents like the TÜV certificate, so you can start your mobile sale right away.

from 18.679,00 € *

Hot Dog Junior

Stalls | #192

Feel free to simply load your Hot Dog Junior into your van because the sales cart does only measure 0.80 x 0.60 metres. Arrived at the sales site, you can position the sales cart and start your mobile sale right away. Hot Dog Junior is made of a solid body that contains of a lockable cash drawer and a storage case. You also find enough space, e.g. for a refrigerator and warm water hygiene. Two foldable table plates expand your work surfaces.

from 4.215,00 € *

Trailer Maximus 5000

Sale-Trailer | #185

Trailer Maximus 5000 can be lowered. It is one of RIBOs large-capacity sales trailers. While in travel condition is measures only 3.00 x 2.40 metres, when standing it can be expanded to huge 7.00 x 7.00 metres by using a tent. This space gives you the freedom to fully equip the trailer and have a wide product range. Feel free to offer grilled specialties as well as cooked food, hot and cold beverages.

from 54.054,00 € *

Snack Seller

Stalls | #184

Your Snack Seller supplies passersby with a „breakfast to go“ or with a snack at any time of the day. Present your products attractively in the display that is protected by a sneeze guard. Another bonus for the look is the window through which your customers can check out the beverages or other cooled refreshments that you sell.

from 7.298,00 € *

Wendy Cart

Stalls | #181

The partly oval body and two large wheels that are smoothly running provide the Wendy Cart the certain something. You can increase that amazing effect with an individual design that RIBO will love to take care of. Get yourself this mobile advertiser that invites pedestrians to rest and have a snack!

from 3.328,00 € *

Vario Driver

Selling-Vehicles | #179

RIBO turns different basic vehicles into a Vario Driver sales vehicles. You decide which model your basic vehicle is. Each model includes a sales clap, electric sub distribution and lighting. The individual design and equipment can be suited to your wishes and sales targets because every vehicle can be used for several purposes.

from 59.893,00 € *

Trailer Classic 2500

Sale-Trailer | #178

RIBO's Classic 2500 is a sales trailer for everyone who wants to run a classical mobile diner. The trailer is available in three different sizes, starting at 2.50 up to 4.00 x 3.50 metres. You sell your goods via a gas spring supported sales clap to which you can optionally add two more sales claps. The trailer is also ideal for the indoor use.

from 13.864,00 € *

Trailer Round 2400

Sale-Trailer | #177

Use the Round Trailer 2400 as a mobile coffee shop, a diner, a bar or an ice cream stall. The model supports your positive image and lets you benefit from several advantages. RIBO conceived the trailer in due consideration of the requirements of mobile sale. With that you can be sure to be working at good conditions. If you wish, RIBO builds in certain furniture, shelves and a counter. You can decide whether you want one or two sales windows that can be securely locked with claps.

from 13.998,00 € *

Vario Ensemble

Stalls | #173

Vario Ensemble is a sales cart that has moderate standard equipment as well as an attractive appearance. The equipment can be adjusted to your demands, while the aluminium construction is powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice. The special shape of the roof perfects the unique look, and an expressive design gives the sales cart its final positive character. Downlights create a warm atmosphere.

from 4.187,00 € *

Hybrid-Kiosk+Trailer Rund 2500

Pavilions & Kiosks | #171

Hybrydlösung für Kiosk und Anhängerversion. Das Fahrzeug kann als Kiosk oder als Anhänger eingesetzt werden und bietet damit hervorragende Eigenschaften, um auf wechselnde Vorschriften und Situationen reagieren zu können.

from 19.800,00 € *

Trailer Market Junior

Selling-Vehicles | #169

Market Junior is a sales trailer that RIBO conceived for the mobile sale on market places. For its transport size measures up to only 2.51 x 1.51 metres it can be brought from one site to another without problems. Arrived at the destination, you open up three sales claps and present your products in traditional market manner. Use this trailer to, for example, sell fresh fruit and vegetable.

from 4.829,00 € *

Allrounder Icecream II

Stalls | #163

RIBO conceived this sales cart in the size of 2.00 x 0.90 metres. Be sure you'll have fun with selling ice cream with the support of that buddy. Its compact measurements allow the loading and transport in a van.

from 4.410,00 € *

Drinks Starters

Stalls | #162

RIBO's Soft Drinks Starters has been conceived with the focus on the mobile sale of soft drinks. At any place where people feel like getting refreshment by having lemonade, sparkling water, a smoothie or a cooled yoghurt drink this sales cart will prove to be your professional companion.

from 4.179,00 € *


Pavilions & Kiosks | #159

A stylish, robust and fully fitted ice cream parlour but still mobile – it's Icecream Fever by RIBO. A roll-up gate on the side opens a room for your guests as far as that makes sense for your purposes.

from 24.900,00 € *

Roll On

Selling-Vehicles | #158

Roll On is a battery-powered scooter that masters routes of up to 60 kilometres and hills of up to 10 percent gradient. Transport your goods securely in the scooters storage space, and start the immediate sale when you have arrived at your site.

from 5.450,00 € *

Allrounder Icecream I

Stalls | #156

The Allrounder Ice Cream I measures 1.80 x 0.90 metres. It can be loaded into a van and be transported to the sales site without any difficulties.

from 3.860,00 € *

Kaffee Mobil

Stalls | #155

Serve your customers energizing coffee specialties with the help of the coffee mobile. Feel free to offer latte macchiato, cappuccino or a simple but good cup of coffee.

from 10.007,00 € *

Kiosk Rund 1800

Pavilions & Kiosks | #154

Kiosk Round 1800 supports you in selling refreshing drinks and snacks, e.g. at a sea front or in a pedestrian area. Design and equipment are individually and can be adapted to your corporate design as well as to your products.

from 6.268,00 € *

Trailer Rund 2400 Promo

Sale-Trailer | #145

Round Trailer 2400 Promo by RIBO is an eye catcher only for its construction. Turn it into a crowd puller by a creative design that suits your products. With that it will attract customers at nearly every site. Benefit from the potential that this trailer has!

from 19.800,00 € *

Trailer Imbiss 5000

Sale-Trailer | #136

The standard equipment of the Diner 5000 meets all of your requirements for the professional sale of your goods. It contains: electricity supply, lighting, warm water, a shelf system, work surfaces with base cabinets, a foldable bag shelf as well as a covering sheet for the porch. It's all in already!

from 19.957,00 € *