RIBO’s proven quality

Already since 1991 RIBO is conceiving and producing mobile sales-, service-, gastronomy- und promotion systems. Both convenient production concepts and individual, custom-made items are meeting the highest demands on practicability and ergonomy, on design and approvability. RIBO products are „made in Germany“. The results are long-lasting and exceptional systems for an effective and successful market presence.

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Smart Kiosk

Pavilions & Kiosks | #130

Smart Kiosk is available in different but generally compact versions, starting at 2.00 x 1.20 metres (item no. 130) up to 2.40 x 1.30 metre (item no. 210). You can decide between a version with a weather-proof door (item no. 234) and another one with shutters (item no. 130 or 210).

from 4.817,00 € *

Drinks Bar

Stalls | #118

The Mobile Bar is a three-piece ensemble. When built together all pieces turn into a roofed bar counter. In spite of its total size this sales stand can be transported in a van and built up in only five minutes, because the single elements are ease to handle.

from 5.248,00 € *

Icecream Starters

Stalls | #117

The Ice Cream Starters is a sales cart that can easily draw the attention ofall ice cream lovers if you get it a colourful design that meets your needs and the requirements of the corporate image. Above that, it is up to you whether this sales stall is equipped with an ice cream cabinet or an ice cream showcase. A cash drawer, the lighting and the sneeze guard are already part of the basic equipment. Same applies for the lowerable roof.

from 4.998,00 € *

Allrounder Indoor

Stalls | #114

As a mobile sales cart in the size of 2.00 x 0.92 metres the Allrounder Indoor can be loaded into a van. Just haul it from one site to another without any difficulty. The setup can be taken care of by just one person in five minutes. Lock-type steering rollers and trestle rollers allow an uncomplicated proper positioning at the sales site. An attractive design on the base of a powder coating in the RAL colour of your choice makes sure that passersby are paying attention to your offer and stop for a break at your Allrounder Indoor.

from 4.494,00 € *

Brezel Cart

Stalls | #113

Pretzels, sandwiches and hearty snacks for the go can be easily sold with RIBO's Pretzel Cart. The sales cart comes in a size of 1.80 x 0.78 metres and is door-friendly when the roof is lowered.

from 3.114,00 € *

RIBO Service Cart

Stalls | #111

RIBO equips the Service Cart with a stainless steel countertop, a sneeze guard and a supply cabinet. Its roof is retractable and covered with marquee fabric.

from 2.583,00 € *

Trailer Milk Bar

Sale-Trailer | #106

Be sure to have everyone's attention, when being somewhere with the Milk Bar. No matter whether you use this sales trailer for the sale of coffee, milk products or other tasty things, customers will come to you only because they are curious.

from 28.210,00 € *

Hot Dog Starters

Stalls | #105

As the name suggests, Hot Dog Starters is a sales cart that is especially ideal for everyone who is starting a mobile hot dog business. The equipment will be suited to your wishes and demands.

from 5.014,00 € *

Drinks Trolley

Stalls | #104

Sell sparkling lemonade, thirst-quenching water and similar refreshing drinks by using RIBO's Soft Drinks Trolley! This compact sales cart is conceived especially for the mobile sale of cold beverages and comes in a size of only 1.29 x 0.74 metres.

from 2.717,00 € *

Retro Runner 3000

Sale-Trailer | #103

Retro Runner 3000 can be purchased in three different lengths, starting at 3.00 up to 4.00 metres. You decide what function the trailer has.

from 15.500,00 € *

Hygiene Container

Stalls | #098

The Hygiene Container is a useful additional module for your mobile sales stand if it doesn't already have warm water supply. The module measures 0.50 x 0.50 metres and therefore doesn't need a lot of space in your van.

from 1.006,00 € *

Service Trolley

Stalls | #086

The Service Trolley gives you more space in your sales stall. The appliances needed for the mobile sale do quite often take much space, so you don't know where to keep your products as it is required.

from 1.970,00 € *

RIBO Vintage Cart

Stalls | #084

RIBO's Vintage Cart is known for enchanting the passersby because of its extraordinary look. Four old cart wheels, a carriage-like body and the round roof make people think of old time conveyance.

from 4.179,00 € *

Gingerbred cottage

Sale-Trailer | #081

RIBO's Gingerbread Cottage is available either as a kiosk or with a respective chassis as a sales trailer. If required, RIBO produces a trailer with a lowerable chassis that, with that feature, guarantees maximum flexibility.

from 14.679,00 € *

Circus Circus

Stalls | #080

The atmosphere at fun fairs, in amusement parks and at weekly markets is always quite cheerful. With a sales cart like the Circus you adjust to that mood.

from 5.737,00 € *

Piaggio Roadrunner APE TM

Selling-Vehicles | #079

Piaggio Roadrunner APE TM is quite a small but very flexible sales vehicle. A clear advantage is the extraordinary look that can be supported by your individual design. You'll get plenty of customer's attention only for that.

from 14.987,00 € *

Trailer Basic 2500

Sale-Trailer | #074

RIBO fields the Basic 2500 as your basic sales trailer. You decide in what size it comes. The sales trailer is available in the sizes 2.50 to 5.00 x 3.50 metres and gives you plenty of freedom to move around.

from 14.478,00 € *

Trailer Imbiss 2500

Sale-Trailer | #072

The sales trailer Diner 2500 is your reliable companion at funfairs, weekly markets, road shows, trade fairs and open air concerts. RIBO conceived it especially for the preparation and sale of hot dogs.

from 11.677,00 € *

RIBO Icecream Joy

Stalls | #069

RIBO's Ice Cream Joy is a sales cart that has been conceived for the mobile sale of, as the name suggests, Ice Cream. Its size of 1.67 x 0.88 metres allows the loading and transport in a van.

from 3.788,00 € *

Promotion Stand Universal

Stalls | #066

No other RIBO sales counter is as compact as the Universal Promotion Cart, so it is simply perfect for promotional purposes. If it is folded together, it can even be transported in a car.

from 1.449,00 € *

RIBO Office Mobile

Stalls | #064

The Office Mobile makes you a sight for sore eyes in open-space offices or manufacturing plants, but it can be used successfully in the sidewalk sale, too.

from 7.358,00 € *