RIBO’s proven quality

Already since 1991 RIBO is conceiving and producing mobile sales-, service-, gastronomy- und promotion systems. Both convenient production concepts and individual, custom-made items are meeting the highest demands on practicability and ergonomy, on design and approvability. RIBO products are „made in Germany“. The results are long-lasting and exceptional systems for an effective and successful market presence.

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Italo Flair Mobile

Stalls | #018

The Italo Flair Mobile is especially suited for the mobile sale of Italian specialties because of its Italian ambience. Successfully sell ice cream, soup, pasta or pizza with it.

from 3.817,00 € *

Ice Cream Magnet

Stalls | #015

Use the body and the lowerable roof to apply an attractive design and turn your mobile ice cart into a crowd puller. RIBO will be glad to support you with that.

from 4.922,00 € *

RIBO Multi Trolley

Stalls | #012

RIBO developed the Multi Trolley to enable you to reach customers that are off hard-surface roads and paths. Its compact size, the large wheels as well as two handles make it possible.

from 1.398,00 € *

RIBO Trailer Round 1800

| #009

The Round Trailer 1800 is available in several sizes. Starting at 1.80 up to 2.50 metres it rolls with you to all places at which you can increase your sales significantly. The equipment depends on the size that you decide for.

from 12.998,00 € *

RIBO Mr. Simple

Pavilions & Kiosks | #003

Mr. Simple enables you to be successful at minimal costs because this mobile kiosk goes easy on your budget, although it brings several possibilities for the mobile sale. Work on a space of 2.50 x 2.50 metres and sell your products via three slide windows.

from 3.629,00 € *

Fresh Look

Stalls | #002

You present sales cart has aged and served its time but your ice cream showcase and all other appliances are still in top condition, so you want to continue using them? Get the Fresh Look and give your mobile ice cream sale a new, inviting appearance.

from 3.629,00 € *