CNC punching and bending centre
TC 5000 sizes up to 1500x3000x6 mm
CNC laser machine, sizes up to 1500x3000x6 mm
CNC folding press, sizes up to 3500x6 mm
Rolling machines, sizes up to 2000x6 mm
Hydraulic presses and punches, sizes up to 1500x3000x6 mm
Buzz saws and horizontal band saws, sizes up to 600 mm
4 aluminium welding devices (protective gas)
2 Niro welding devices (protective gas)
10 MIG/MAG welding devices (protective gas)
3 spot welding units
1 powder coating plant (3000x1400x750 mm) incl. steel phosphating
2 Liquid paint coating plants (6000x4000x3500 mm)
3 AutoCAD construction workstations
BDE system incl. process feedback and status report
own vehicle fleet: 3 trucks, 1 van