Sale-Trailer: Trailer Rund 2400 Promo (#145)

Round Trailer 2400 Promo  by RIBO is an eye catcher only for its construction. Turn it into a crowd  puller by a creative design that  suits your products. With that  it will attract customers at nearly every site. Benefit from the potential that  this trailer has!

The trailer is shaped like a yoghurt cup. Therefore is perfectly serves the  purpose of selling frozen yoghurts and smoothies. Other  products, e.g. ice cream or soft drinks  can be offered just as successfully. You as the  seller act on a work space of 2.50  diameters and serve your guests via a sales window that  can open up widely.  The gas spring supported clap of the  window does also help  to lock the  trailer securely.

Fahrgestell feuerverzinkt
Aufbau komplett aus Aluminium
Pulverbeschichtung im RAL-Ton Ihrer Wahl
Verkaufsklappe gasfedergestützt
230-Volt Unterverteilung mit 5 Steckdosen & FI-Schutzschalter
Langfeldleuchte als Beleuchtung
hochwertiges LED-Spot-System
STVO Beleuchtungsanlage
Zulassungsfertig inklusive TÜV-Abnahme
diameter2500 mm
height3200 mm
weigthca. 380 kg

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