Pavilions & Kiosks: Allrounder Outdoor Maxi (#267)

Whether you want  to sell trendy beverages or solid bratwurst, the Allrounder Outdoor Maxi is a quick-change artist that  is guaranteeing the  perfect support of your work. Trestle rollers and steering rollers give the  robust kiosk great mobile features. When it is closed, it can be easily loaded into a van and brought to where you need it to be. The setup can be done by just one person in only five minutes. If you're looking for an even more  compact cart, check out the  smaller version, the  Allrounder Outdoor Standard (item no. 31).

RIBO is acting  in accordance with your demand when  it comes to design and equipment. The basic  equipment includes e.g. a foldable roof that makes the  kiosk door-friendly. The tarpaulin on the  backside is detachable and has a zipper that  allows  a quick access.

body made of aluminium
hot-dip galvanised base frame
powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
foldable chequer plate floor in the service area
inclusive interior (mobile water and sink, cash drawer, glass sneeze guard)
surrounding stainless steel railing
slide projector integrated into the roof
230 volt sub-distribution units with ALCI
back side tarpaulin cover can be detached
door-friendly due foldable door
length 2800 mm
width 2130 mm
width (closed) 1140 mm
heigth 2400 mm
heigth (closed) 1980 mm
weigth 240 kg