Stalls: Crêpes Starters (#035)

Crêpes Starters is your mobile crêpes sales cart. Use it to create tasty cream cheese crêpes or veggie crêpes as well as sweet Nutella crêpes or even fruity crêpes. Spoil the  appetite of every customer. The specific equipment is subject to your decision. RIBO delivers the  crêpes appliance, the refrigerator a simple or a double electric crêpes plate. Gain the  passersby's attention with an individual design of the  aluminium body  on which RIBO is giving a 10-years-guarantee against corrosion on.

The standard equipment of this sales cart includes mobile warm water, lighting, the sneeze guard and the cash drawer. Steering rollers allow an uncomplicated adjustment of the sales site position. Feel free to transport
your Crêpes Starters in a van. It will fit in easily because it comes in the size of only 2.00  x 0.80  metres and has a lowerable roof.  

high-quality construction made of aluminium
powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
2 lock-type steering rollers & 2 robust trestle rollers
door-friendly due to a lowerable roof
230 volt sub-distribution units & ALCI
sneeze guard, lighting, mobile warm water, cash drawer
setup can be done by just one person in 5 minutes only
easily transportable in van (LT, Sprinter, Ducato)
length 2000 mm
width 800 mm
height 2377 mm / 1750 mm (lowered)
weight 140 kg