Pavilions & Kiosks: Diner Center Maxi (#273)

Diner Centre Maxi opens up a whole new way of mobile gastronomy. You get a work space of 6.50 x 4.20 metres that enables you and your employees to supply visitors of fairs, road shows and similar events with tasty meals.

This huge mobile kiosk is an eye catcher with the magic potential of attraction – not only because of its special construction. Two gas spring supported catering claps enable you to serve more customers at the same time, what raises their satisfaction and lets your work hours be free of stress. Double shell insulation, wind barriers, floor heating and a frost guard ensure your good working conditions even at unpleasant outside temperatures.

hot-dip galvanised base construction
panelling with GFK sandwich panels (30 mm)
double shell complete insulation
2 gas spring supported claps
glass side windows at the sides
foldable steel bag shelf
wind barriers on two sides
floor heating
frost guard
AFG trace heating
aluminium advertisement dice
loadable by crane via dees
Length 6500 mm
Width 4200 mm
Height / incl crowner 2800 mm / 3500 mm
Weight 5800 kg