Pavilions & Kiosks: Dinner Center (#266)

With the  support of the  grill stand Diner Centre you fix tasty curry sausage and bratwurst, fries and meatballs. Present yourself in an attractive light on a space of 5.00  x 2.45  metres even in a bustling pedestrian flow. Barely anyone will be able  to resist the  smell  of your specialties.

Due to floor heating, frost  monitor and complete double shell  insulation the  preparation and the  sale  of your grilled specialties are no challenge to your well-being even at unpleasant temperatures. The high quality food equipment, which is optional, perfects the  concept of this mobile kiosk. It can be loaded by using  a crane and is a reliable mobile sales room at almost every site, all the  year.

hot-dip galvanised base construction
panelling with GFK sandwich panels (30 mm)
Double shell complete insulation
2 gas spring supported claps
glass side windows at the sides
foldable steel bag shelf
floor heating
frost guard
AFG trace heating
aluminium advertisement dice
loadable by crane via dees
length 5000 mm
width 2450 mm
heigth / inkl. Crowner 2800 mm / 3500 mm
weigth 3200 kg