Pavilions & Kiosks: Dinner Kiosk (#229)

Place your Diner Kiosk on a fair, a road  show or a music  event. You can rely on it everywhere and all the  year. The individual design that  RIBO likes to take  care of too offers you many creative possibilities to get your customers' attention even in a bustling hurly-burly.

Work for your company's success on a space of 3.00  x 2.00  metres and at best mobile conditions. The sale  takes place via windows that  can be securely closed with shutters. The windows o the  sides are slide  windows. Complete your mobile kiosk with a shelter on one, two or three sides that protects your customers from wind and cold while  they  are enjoying your specialties.

body made of aluminium, double shell insulated
hot-dip galvanised base frame
powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
water-proof bottom panel & anti-skid PVC flooring
3 sales windows, slide windows on the sides
230 volt sub-distribution units with 5 outlets & ALCI
Inclusive interior (lighting, work surfaces with substructures, shelves, cash drawer, mobile water & double sink, slide-out for 2 waist disposals)
individual equipment possible
secured by shutters all around
with roof overhang
length 4700 mm
width 2600 mm
without roof overhang
length 3500 mm
width 2300 mm
heigth 2400 mm
weigth 800 kg