Special Offer

Stalls: RIBO Drinks Display (#096)

RIBO's Drinks Display is kind of a shelf that sits on four steering rollers of which two can be locked. With that feature it can be easily moved and positioned. The module can be used as the ideal addition to your mobile grill stall, your hot dog cart or your mobile bar. The sales cart is a useful item even in the retail sector. A crowner that can be individually design with a foil draws the passersby's attention to your offer. Since the shelf is powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice, it can perfectly adjust to the look of your sales stall.

The Drinks Display is made of steel. It comes in the  size of 0.74  x 0.80 metres and can be transported in your van. Talk to RIBO about the possibilities of use and an individual design!

high-quality construction made of steel
powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
4 steering rollers (2 of them lockable)
handrail for an easy shunting
noticeable crowner
length 740 mm
width 800 mm
height 1775 mm
weight 38 kg