Pavilions & Kiosks: Eisfieber (#159)

A stylish, robust and fully fitted ice cream parlour but still mobile – it's Icecream Fever by RIBO. A roll-up gate on the  side  opens a room for your guests as far as that  makes sense for your purposes. It makes the  mobile pavilion an ice cream stand that  invites to step closer. The system can be used as a cocktail bar just as successfully and even offer  seats.

As a mobile pavilion Icecream Fever is available in four sizes, whereat the light version can be realised at a space of only 4.50 x 2.00 metres. If you need more space, check out the standard version or both the premium versions with additional storage room.

body made of aluminium – double shell, insulated
hot-dip galvanised high quality steel base frame
powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
water-proof bottom panel
vertical roll-up gate made of insulated aluminium profiles
work space with mobile water and sink
230 volt sub-distribution units with 5 outlets & ALCI
mobile because of the modular design
setup within three days