Pavilions & Kiosks: Indoor Shop (#240)

Indoor  Shop is a mobile kiosk that  manages both food  sales and non food sales. It can be set up within a day in a shopping mall, in an airport terminal, a train  station or any other indoor site.

The robust high quality aluminium body is an ideal medium for your advertisements. Use it to present your logo, your name and your products. Large sales windows are opened and closed securely with shutters. The basic equipment of this 5.00 x 3.00 metre-sized kiosk e.g. includes the electrics, mobile water und lighting. The food version is also suitable for the integration of modules for beverages and the preparation of food.

self-supporting aluminium construction,
hot-dip galvanised steel bottom
powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
shutters lock sales windows
inclusive interior (electrics, mobile water, lighting)
setup within one day
length 5000 mm
width 3500 mm
height 2500 mm
weight 1500 mm