Stalls: Office Catering Module (#272)

The Office Catering Module by RIBO enables employees and workers to buy food and beverages on the company grounds. Fresh coffee or soft drinks, cookies or cake, sandwiches or wraps, warm snacks like sausages or meat balls – RIBO has the perfect sales stand for all product ideas.

The Office Catering Module is already equipped with a cooling showcase and a bain marie. The standard version of the sales stand that comes in the size of 1.15 x 0.80 metres has steering rollers and trestle rollers. You can alternatively purchase it with a chassis and a brake system that makes it easier to move around on your company grounds.

high-quality construction made of CNS
2 lock-type steering rollers & 2 robust trestle rollers
cooling showcase, bain marie
lockable drawers and doors
cup dispenser, 6 x 1/1 GN-pullout
230 volt sub-distribution units & ALCI
individual equipment acc. to customer's wish
easily transportable in van (LT, Sprinter, Ducato)
Length 1150 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 800 mm
Weight 75 kg