Selling-Vehicles: Piaggio Roadrunner APE TM (#079)

Piaggio Roadrunner APE TM is quite a small but very flexible sales vehicle. A clear advantage is the extraordinary look that can be supported by your individual design. You'll get plenty of customer's attention only for that.
A further strong point of the vehicle is its adaptability that RIBO is giving proof of by offering a range of different variants:

Make the  Roadrunner APE TM your ice cream car or use it to prepare hot dogs. Let the  sales vehicle support your sale  of beverages, prepare crêpes or supply your customers with hearty steaks, roast chicken or fried specialties. The vehicle's body  unfolds for sale, so the  various appliances are reachable from all sides. A tent gives protection against wind and weather.

body with powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
individual equipment (acc. to option)
two-stroke motor with 218 ccm engine displacement / 10 PS
gear change (4 gears and reverse gear)
all necessary documents incl. TÜV certificate
length 3385 mm
width 1480 mm
height 2340 mm
tare weight buildup only 534 kg
tare weight buildup with electric equipment 700 kg
tare weight buildup with gas equipment 718 kg
admissible total weight 1270 kg