Stalls: Snack Stop (#294)

Snack Stop draws the  attention of passersby to your goods. The sales cart has a very stylish and noble appearance because it is made of high quality aluminium and wood. Feel free to even prepare and sell premium food  on the mobile market. Fresh sushi, handmade chocolate or exquisite fruit juices – no matter what  product, you always present it in an appropriate way with the  Snack Stop.

The front module offers space for two cooling showcases. A cooling table and a sink with water supply can be built  into the back module. We would love to suit this cart with all appliances exactly to your needs and support you with realizing your ideas.

body made of aluminium with powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
individually adjusted work surfaces
back module with warm water hygiene
2 showcases (1500 mm) in the front module as an option
cooling table (1350 mm) in the back module as an option
Length 3700 mm
Width 1500 mm
Hight 2400 mm
Weight 300 kg (without showcases)
Back modul
Length 2560 mm
Width 1000 mm