Stalls: Vending Trolley (#054)

The mobile Vending Trolley helps to pretty up the plain outside of your soft drinks vendors and snack vendors. The unusual oval aluminium box is perfectly qualified for drawing more attention to your offer. A powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice gives your business and your Vending Trolley the uniqueness that you need to sell successfully.

The box has a size of 1.80  x 0.90  metres and can cover  two vendors. Feel free  to place a vendor for soft drinks  on the  higher level  and another one for snacks on the  lower  level.  The trolley can be locked in order to prevent unauthorised access, burglary or damage of the  vendors.

high-quality construction made of aluminium
powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
2 lock-type steering rollers & 2 robust trestle rollers
additional individual equipment possible
lockable and door-friendly
setup can be done by just one person in 5 minutes only
length 1800 mm
width 900 mm
height 1950 mm
weight 90 kg