Selling-Vehicles: Verkaufsfahrrad Vario Velo (#036)

With RIBO's Vario Velo you quickly get to where your customers are. Be this the city park, downtown or events. This sales vehicle even lets you enter paths that can be accessed with normal vehicles. Above, the sales bike has a build-up that helps you to transport your goods. Withal, Vario Velo lives up to its name because the variation possibilities are nearly endless:

Get on the road with you mobile pedal-powered soup kitchen! Wake the latent wants of your customers with aromatic pan cakes that you fix in your crêpe bike. Transport your hot dog stall from one site to the next! Cycle up and down the sea front to offer iced-lollies! So much is possible. Discover the potential of the Vario Velo!

transportable in a van (LT, Sprinter, Ducato ...)
high-quality powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice
back pedal brake, fixable front brake
gear change (3 gears), bell
individual equipment (acc. to option)
Länge 2200 mm
Breite 1200 mm
Höhe 2400 mm
Gewicht 100 kg