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RIBO Electro Sales Bike

Selling-Vehicles | #299

RIBO's Electro Sales Bike has an electric motor that supports you when riding from one site to another. With this sales vehicle you have access to paths that are not passable for regular sales vehicles and don't work up a sweat when driving up hills.

from 4.558,00 € *

Promotion Mobil

Selling-Vehicles | #286

No matter where you want to go, be it a trade fair, an exhibitions or a road show, RIBO's Promotion Mobile helps you to give a good account of yourself.

Price on request

Roadrunner APE Classic

Selling-Vehicles | #275

Roadrunner APE Classic is an Ape Piaggio that attracts your customers by its Italian charm. Because of its special construction this sales vehicle is the only ape you can stand inside when it is built up.

from 24.980,00 € *

Roadrunner APE Elektro

Selling-Vehicles | #262

RIBOs Roadrunner APE Elektro ist eine APE Piaggio 50, die ohne Benzin oder Diesel auskommt, weil sie über einen Elektromotor verfügt.

from 18.698,00 € *

Verkaufsfahrzeug Mega Innensteher Driver

Selling-Vehicles | #261

RIBOs Mega Driver ist ein mini Verkaufsfahrzeug von Aixam mit mega Leistungsfähigkeit. Als Diesel- oder Elektro-Fahrzeug ermöglicht es Ihnen den erfolgreichen Verkauf Ihrer Produkte an so gut wie jedem Standort...

from 19.998,00 € *

Bully Bike

Selling-Vehicles | #213

The most iconic way of RIBO to operate a space-saving diner. With this sales vehicle you have access to paths that are not passable for regular sales vehicles and you quickly get to where your customers are. The equipment of this little space saver includes a gas grill, a passive cooling compartment, warm water hygiene and an acrylic showcase for rolls. The bike has a 3 gear change, a back pedal brake and a fixable front brake. The attention of passersby is increased because of the roof awning that also provides shade.

from 9.051,00 € *

Vario Driver

Selling-Vehicles | #179

RIBO turns different basic vehicles into a Vario Driver sales vehicles. You decide which model your basic vehicle is. Each model includes a sales clap, electric sub distribution and lighting. The individual design and equipment can be suited to your wishes and sales targets because every vehicle can be used for several purposes.

from 59.893,00 € *

Trailer Market Junior

Selling-Vehicles | #169

Market Junior is a sales trailer that RIBO conceived for the mobile sale on market places. For its transport size measures up to only 2.51 x 1.51 metres it can be brought from one site to another without problems. Arrived at the destination, you open up three sales claps and present your products in traditional market manner. Use this trailer to, for example, sell fresh fruit and vegetable.

from 4.829,00 € *

Roll On

Selling-Vehicles | #158

Roll On is a battery-powered scooter that masters routes of up to 60 kilometres and hills of up to 10 percent gradient. Transport your goods securely in the scooters storage space, and start the immediate sale when you have arrived at your site.

from 5.450,00 € *

Piaggio Roadrunner APE TM

Selling-Vehicles | #079

Piaggio Roadrunner APE TM is quite a small but very flexible sales vehicle. A clear advantage is the extraordinary look that can be supported by your individual design. You'll get plenty of customer's attention only for that.

from 14.987,00 € *

Verkaufsfahrrad Vario Velo

Selling-Vehicles | #036

With RIBO's Vario Velo you quickly get to where your customers are. Be this the city park, downtown or events. This sales vehicle even lets you enter paths that can be accessed with normal vehicles.

from 2.880,00 € *