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Doblo Sales Truck

Stalls | #329

RIBO’s Doblo sales truck is a sales truck with a Fiat Doplo base. As a diesel or electric Vehicle with a very high payload, it enables successful mobile sales of your products.

from 29.998,00 € *

McSnack Stand

Stalls | #321

from 6.400,00 € *

Mobile Doner Kebab Stand

Stalls | #320

from 7.950,00 € *

Maxi Bar

Stalls | #319

from 12.700,00 € *

All-In-One Sweets Stand

Stalls | #318

from 6.800,00 € *

Patio Kiosk

Stalls | #315

from 38.300,00 € *

Sales Stand ‘Bavaria’

Stalls | #314

from 3.200,00 € *

Mobile Snack and Beverage Bar

Stalls | #312

from 16.998,00 € *

Promenade Kiosk

Stalls | #311

from 43.700,00 € *

Pavilion ‘Fish Hut

Stalls | #308

from 35.800,00 € *


Pavilions & Kiosks | #306

from 65.998,00 € *

Soft Drinks Station

Stalls | #298

RIBO's Soft Drinks Station can be used as a single module or be placed in a group. The mobile shelves with four boards on each side can hold several crates. Two flexible steering rollers and two robust trestle rollers allow an easy positioning even if the station is fully loaded.

from 987,00 € *

Kebap Cart

Stalls | #295

RIBO's Kebap Cart is a small mobile sales cart that has been especially conceived for the sale of Turkish specialties. The equipment will be suited to your needs. It can, for example, contain of a preparation table with cooling or something similar.

from 3.870,00 € *

Snack Stop

Stalls | #294

Snack Stop draws the attention of passersby to your goods. The sales cart has a very stylish and noble appearance because it is made of high quality aluminium and wood. Feel free to even prepare and sell premium food on the mobile market.

from 16.640,00 € *

Service Counter

Stalls | #289

RIBO's Service Counter is a useful additional module for your mobile sales stall. It enables your customers to supply themselves with things like napkins, cup lids, milk, sugar and similar.

from 885,00 € *

Vending Point

Stalls | #288

RIBO's Vending Point turns separate vendors into stylish snack oases. Use it in canteens, staff rooms or waiting areas in order to create a uniform appearance that can be adapted to your corporate identity by a powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice.

from 689,00 € *

Flying Promotion

Stalls | #283

RIBO's Flying Promotion presents your products exactly where your target audience is: at the airport, in train stations, at fair trades or in shopping malls. Feel free to even go on a promotional tour with it and be at a new site every day.

from 6.794,00 € *

Pub Station

Stalls | #279

The Pub Station offers you many different ways of use. It comes with lock-type steering rollers and robust trestle rollers that allow a quick setup and position at the respective site.

from 5.790,00 € *

Ice Cream Tube

Stalls | #274

You only rarely see a sales cart like the Ice Cream Tube. In case your passersby don't already have an appetite for ice cream, they'll surely get it with their curiosity winning over.

from 3.859,00 € *

Office Catering Module

Stalls | #272

The Office Catering Module by RIBO enables employees and workers to buy food and beverages on the company grounds. Fresh coffee or soft drinks, cookies or cake, sandwiches or wraps, warm snacks like sausages or meat balls – RIBO has the perfect sales stand for all product ideas.

from 9.370,00 € *

Mobile Cooler

Stalls | #269

The Mobile Cooler gives you the opportunity to expand the capacities of your sales stand and get a module for soft drinks. Although it mainly serves as a storage room, it will also present the products attractively because of its glass door. You can easily adjust it to the pedestrian flow because it has steering rollers. Two robust trestle rollers assure a safe position.

from 1.098,00 € *