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Twin Mobile

Pavilions & Kiosks | #225

Twin Mobile is a mobile kiosk for open-air sites. It can be put up within only five minutes by just one person. Steering rollers enable you to adapt the pavilions position spontaneously. As the name tells, Twin Mobile consists of two single modules that can be put up to an ensemble. When combined, they create a work space of 2.30 x1.55 metres. Windows at three sides can be closed with shutters and let in lots of light. The base version meets the requirements of a successful sale, while the premium version that comes with a canopy and lighting also offers more optical and useful highlights.

from 7.986,00 € *

Weather protection, transparent

Pavilions & Kiosks | #222

Our beautiful weather protection is suitable for locations that have a discreet demand appearance. The application is possibilities are manifold, from the use as stop over location for information systems up to sales pavillons or smoker points.

from 34.987,00 € *

beachhut Kiosk 3400

Pavilions & Kiosks | #216

Be most flexible in a small space with Beach Hut kiosk 3400 that can be brought from one site to the next thanks to its carriage. In spite of mesure- ments of only 3.00 x 2.00 metres, the kiosk enables you to prepare and sell your specialties or serve beverages.

from 17.588,00 € *

Glas Tower

Pavilions & Kiosks | #214

Glass Tower offers you ideal conditions for the attractive presentation and sale of your products. A special construction makes this octagonal, mobile kiosk an eye catcher and an invitation for all passersby to rest a little and to give themselves a treat.

from 52.343,00 € *

Smokers Pavillon

Pavilions & Kiosks | #205

Smokers Pavilion by RIBO is an octagonal smoker pavilion that can be set up on a space of 3.00 x 3.00 metres. High quality materials have been used for production: The base frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, the floor of water-proof panel. Safety glass (VSG) ensures a high safety and a visual appealing adjustment to every environment. Thanks to the glass panels,non-smokers won't be bothered by fume or smell, while the smokers have shelter against wind and weather.

from 9.342,00 € *

Money Box

Pavilions & Kiosks | #195

With Money Box you offer travellers in airports, train stations an inter- nationally oriented cities the possibility of an uncomplicated currency exchange. You can as well use the stand on trade fairs auf Messen.

from 9.448,00 € *

Hybrid-Kiosk+Trailer Rund 2500

Pavilions & Kiosks | #171

Hybrydlösung für Kiosk und Anhängerversion. Das Fahrzeug kann als Kiosk oder als Anhänger eingesetzt werden und bietet damit hervorragende Eigenschaften, um auf wechselnde Vorschriften und Situationen reagieren zu können.

from 19.800,00 € *


Pavilions & Kiosks | #159

A stylish, robust and fully fitted ice cream parlour but still mobile – it's Icecream Fever by RIBO. A roll-up gate on the side opens a room for your guests as far as that makes sense for your purposes.

from 24.900,00 € *

Kiosk Rund 1800

Pavilions & Kiosks | #154

Kiosk Round 1800 supports you in selling refreshing drinks and snacks, e.g. at a sea front or in a pedestrian area. Design and equipment are individually and can be adapted to your corporate design as well as to your products.

from 6.268,00 € *

Smart Kiosk

Pavilions & Kiosks | #130

Smart Kiosk is available in different but generally compact versions, starting at 2.00 x 1.20 metres (item no. 130) up to 2.40 x 1.30 metre (item no. 210). You can decide between a version with a weather-proof door (item no. 234) and another one with shutters (item no. 130 or 210).

from 4.817,00 € *

Verkaufsstand Café Bar

Pavilions & Kiosks | #057

RIBO's Café Bar offers you different possibilities for the sale of your coffee specialties. You choose between complete shop systems of different sizes and multi-part modules that can be put up individually, e.g. a front module and a module for self-service.

from 8.530,00 € *

RIBO Simply Icecream

Pavilions & Kiosks | #032

Simply Icecream is your mobile kiosk if you plan to sell ice cream or refreshments with success. Due to its wheels and the drawing device it can be transported from one site to another without any problems.

from 7.032,00 € *

Allrounder Outdoor Standard

Pavilions & Kiosks | #031

Get the Mini Allrounder and sell bratwurst as successful as ice cream! In spite of its compact measurements of only 1.88 x 2.13 metres it adapts perfectly to your company's goals.

from 5.987,00 € *

Superseller Junior

Pavilions & Kiosks | #029

RIBO's Superseller Junior is made of aluminium completely. The pavilion offers you all possibilities to sell your products successfully. Use its surface surface that is powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice for your advertisements!

from 6.947,00 € *

Food Box Achteck

Pavilions & Kiosks | #025

Use the Food Box Octagon to invite your customers to pause, to enjoy and to feast – on the sunny side of life. Due to its octagonal construction the pavilion makes it to a size of 3.00 x 3.00 metres.

from 16.598,00 € *

RIBO Food Box

Pavilions & Kiosks | #024

RIBO's Food Box is available in two sizes. If you like to work on a larger space, take a look at the version that comes in 5.00 x 5.00 metres.

from 8.567,00 € *

RIBO Mr. Simple

Pavilions & Kiosks | #003

Mr. Simple enables you to be successful at minimal costs because this mobile kiosk goes easy on your budget, although it brings several possibilities for the mobile sale. Work on a space of 2.50 x 2.50 metres and sell your products via three slide windows.

from 3.629,00 € *