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Retro Runner 3000

Sale-Trailer | #103

Retro Runner 3000 can be purchased in three different lengths, starting at 3.00 up to 4.00 metres. You decide what function the trailer has.

from 15.500,00 € *

Gingerbred cottage

Sale-Trailer | #081

RIBO's Gingerbread Cottage is available either as a kiosk or with a respective chassis as a sales trailer. If required, RIBO produces a trailer with a lowerable chassis that, with that feature, guarantees maximum flexibility.

from 14.679,00 € *

Trailer Basic 2500

Sale-Trailer | #074

RIBO fields the Basic 2500 as your basic sales trailer. You decide in what size it comes. The sales trailer is available in the sizes 2.50 to 5.00 x 3.50 metres and gives you plenty of freedom to move around.

from 14.478,00 € *

Trailer Imbiss 2500

Sale-Trailer | #072

The sales trailer Diner 2500 is your reliable companion at funfairs, weekly markets, road shows, trade fairs and open air concerts. RIBO conceived it especially for the preparation and sale of hot dogs.

from 11.677,00 € *