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RIBO Office Mobile

Stalls | #064

The Office Mobile makes you a sight for sore eyes in open-space offices or manufacturing plants, but it can be used successfully in the sidewalk sale, too.

from 7.358,00 € *

RIBO Mac Ice

Stalls | #061

RIBO's Mac Ice is especially suited for the mobile sale of ice cream. Nevertheless, it can just as well be used for the sale of other dainty food.

from 4.198,00 € *

Verkaufsstand Vario Bar

Stalls | #056

The Vario Bar is a great example for the adaptability of RIBO's attractive basic models. Whatever you intend to do, e.g. prepare fresh fruit juices or tasty cocktails in a juice bar, sell coffee specialties with a mobile coffee bar or have a focus on ice cream, RIBO's Vario Bar is always a good option.

from 9.753,00 € *

RIBO Drinks Bar Mobil

Stalls | #055

The unusual construction of the Drinks Bar Mobile guarantees you get the appropriate attention at every sales site. You increase this effect by having the sales cart powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice and get a creative design. RIBO will be pleased to support you with all that.

from 6.278,00 € *

Vending Trolley

Stalls | #054

The mobile Vending Trolley helps to pretty up the plain outside of your soft drinks vendors and snack vendors. The unusual oval aluminium box is perfectly qualified for drawing more attention to your offer.

from 6.310,00 € *

RIBO Coffee Stop

Stalls | #052

The Coffee Stop is waiting to be turned into your individual sales cart for the sale of coffee specialties. First of all, the steel made module is powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice.

from 880,00 € *

RIBO Multi Cart

Stalls | #051

Multi Cart carries that name for a reason. It can be a reliable partner in many different versions, even for the purpose of promotion. Take it to the weekly market, e.g. as your mobile flower shop, or position it in an amusement park to sell gifts and souvenirs

from 19.957,00 € *

RIBO Coffee Cabinet

Stalls | #048

RIBO's Coffee Cabinet is universally usable. It is solid, useful and especially conceived as a side module for your mobile coffee sale. It accompanies you to trade fairs and similar events and gives you additional space when you want to expand the offer of your stationary business.

from 1.049,00 € *

RIBO Universal Market

Stalls | #044

Are you looking for a mobile market stall that you can design and equip in accordance with your wishes? Then the Universal Market is your ideal module because almost every feature is up to your decision.

from 12.637,00 € *

RIBO Coffee Buddy

Stalls | #040

Your Coffee Buddy accompanies you to a shopping mall, a sea front, an amusement or city park, a trade or a fun fair. In short, it goes wherever you want to sell latte macchiato, cappuccino, coffee or tea. It makes your work easier, as you would expect it from a buddy.

from 4.418,00 € *

RIBO Hot Dog Mini

Stalls | #039

The Hot Dog Mini is a sales cart that comes in the size of only 1.20 x 0.87 metres. It is especially ideal for the sale of tasty hot dogs.

from 5.143,00 € *

Crêpes Starters

Stalls | #035

Crêpes Starters ist Ihr mobiler Crêpes-Verkaufsstand. Darin zaubern Sie herzhafte Frischkäse- oder Gemüse-Crêpes, wie auch süße Nutella- oder Obst-Crêpes und sprechen den Gaumen jedes Kunden an...

from 4.543,00 € *

Allrounder Plus

Stalls | #034

RIBO's Allrounder Plus is extremely flexible and gives you many options. You can choose between a front module or a unit that is combining a front and a back module.

from 4.880,00 € *

Asia Cart

Stalls | #033

raditional fried noodles or rice with chicken and fresh Asian vegetable can only be prepared with a sales cart that meets the requirements of the Asian kitchen.

from 5.979,00 € *

Allrounder Outdoor Standard

Pavilions & Kiosks | #031

Get the Mini Allrounder and sell bratwurst as successful as ice cream! In spite of its compact measurements of only 1.88 x 2.13 metres it adapts perfectly to your company's goals.

from 5.987,00 € *

Universal Mobile

Stalls | #021

Do you want to sell ice cream, frozen yoghurt or cooled beverages the mobile way? Do you plan on offering regional grill specialties? Do you want to supply your customers with coffee and snacks, like pretzels or wafers?

from 7.932,00 € *

Italo Flair Mobile

Stalls | #018

The Italo Flair Mobile is especially suited for the mobile sale of Italian specialties because of its Italian ambience. Successfully sell ice cream, soup, pasta or pizza with it.

from 3.817,00 € *

Ice Cream Magnet

Stalls | #015

Use the body and the lowerable roof to apply an attractive design and turn your mobile ice cart into a crowd puller. RIBO will be glad to support you with that.

from 4.922,00 € *

RIBO Multi Trolley

Stalls | #012

RIBO developed the Multi Trolley to enable you to reach customers that are off hard-surface roads and paths. Its compact size, the large wheels as well as two handles make it possible.

from 1.398,00 € *

Fresh Look

Stalls | #002

You present sales cart has aged and served its time but your ice cream showcase and all other appliances are still in top condition, so you want to continue using them? Get the Fresh Look and give your mobile ice cream sale a new, inviting appearance.

from 3.629,00 € *